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Marketing has changed and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. The new world of social media is a beast, but it has so much potential for businesses.

As a business, this could be an opportunity for you to reach a larger audience, connect with younger customers, and build a stronger brand image all while spending lessĀ on advertising.

All it takes is the right content.

Let me help you craft your online presence into a young, on-trend brand that reaches new audiences and brings more clients and customers to your door.

What I offer

Photo Posts

Instagram Shorts


Instagram Shorts

Use Short-form videos on social media to stand out and hold attention on your content. This also gives room to build a story around your brand.



Portraits. Landscapes. Products. Everyone needs high-quality photos in the digital age. From the camera to the edits, I have you covered.


Over the past 5 years I have developed skills in photography and editing. From abroad in Asia to my home in Canada I’ve a wide range of styles from portraits, landscapes, and lifestyle photography. Check out some of my work below!

The Benefits

Next Day Edits

Most photographers takes weeks or even months to get photos back to you. I know you want photos fast so I will send at least 10 photos in one day to ensure you can start posting immediately. The rest will come shortly after that.

Amount of Photos

Guaranteed 25 edited phots from a half-day shoot. Guaranteed 50+ photos from a full day shoot. This content will last a long time on social media if spread out over a number of months. Schedule your posts ahead and watch the engagement rate go up.

Unique Highlight

Let the best of your products or service shine through the pictures and videos you post. This gives your audience the very best of your brand as well as building a clean and consistent online presence.

Why wait?

Let's up your social media game


Where are you located ?

I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta, but am flexible to travel as needed.

How much do you charge?

I work with the budget of each client, but a good ball-park is between $500-$900 for a day of shooting, photos or videos + post-production. This rate might vary depending on the job.

Do you manage social media?

As of now I only develop content for social, I do not offer to manage or post on social media.

Who gets ownership?

The content I create is all properly licensed for social media and single websites. I always maintain rights to the content I create as well.

Do you give out RAW files?

I only give out the final edited files.

Do you sell presets ?

As of now I do not sell any digital products.