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Online content is more powerful today than ever before. I focus on creating high quality content that holds attention and gains momentum online.

From life-style photoshoots to Ariel travel photography, a range of content can add value to your online presence.

View from downtown Edmonton from the east


With a degree in Media production, videography has been my primary means to tell stories in recent years. Click below to see some of my work.
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With a focus on travel based photography, I have a well rounded skill-set that covers product, landscape, and life-style shoots.



What do you need to know about me?

I am a local content creator in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

What does that mean?

I take photos. I make videos. I edit both. 

In all seriousness, I love to tell stories. I find that cameras are such powerful tools for this, so I’ve learned and continue to learn the arts of photography and videography.

Having grown up in various locations across Canada and having travelled for most of my life, I have seen the way stories have shaped who I am.  I love what I do and would love to help tell your story to better connect you to your audience.  

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Phone: + 905 441 9293
Email: nick_linnen@hotmail.com